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BOLIS - STILL. A long period of collaboration.

High performance based on a long tradition.


Since 1983, the company STILL HELLAS - BOLIS & CO has been representing STILL GmbH, a modern yet traditional German company based in Hamburg, in Greece.

STILL HELLAS is the continuation of the personal company founded in 1983 in Thessaloniki by Panagiotis Bolis, a professional armed with extensive experience in the sector of forklift trucks and warehouse systems since 1978.

It is probably the only Greek company in the sector of forklift trucks boasting so many years of experience and an exclusive collaboration with one of the best known forklift truck manufacturing companies in the world. It has maintained a stable relationship with STILL, evidently fulfilling the requirements of a company with very high standards.

It is worth mentioning that BOLIS was the first company established as an exclusive dealership of a top forklift production facility in Greece, based in Thessaloniki. Thus it is evident that the enduring trust of STILL towards BOLIS Company is not random.

In May 2008 our company moved to new, modern facilities in the Industrial Zone of Thessaloniki, thus ensuring an ever higher lever of services for its clientele.

Today, STILL GmbH, a company founded by Hans STILL in 1920, has factories outside Germany, in France and in Italy, where all types of forklift trucks are constructed, ranging from simple pallet trucks to 8-ton Electric and Diesel forklift trucks and all types of pallet trucks for narrow aisles. The trucks constructed today by STILL are exclusively new models with a high degree of innovation, answering even the most demanding needs of its clients in particularly attractive prices.

The basic principle and philosophy of our company is the provision of technical support and solutions for all our trucks available on the market for a much longer time than the one required by the European Union directives.

All our forklift trucks have a “CE” Certificate of Compliance with the regulations of the European Union and Type Approval where it is required by Greek Law”.

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